Frequently Asked Questions

1. What does VP ASSIST cost?

Prices are determined by vendors and are market rate or better. If you have a contractor or other vendor you enjoy working with, please tell your agent.

2. Who pays and when?

You will pay when your home sells or up to one year after the project is completed, whichever occurs first.

3. Are there any restrictions on budget or scope?

There is no dollar limit or restriction on scope. However, all services must result in a positive return on investment and you must have sufficient equity for there to be proceeds to pay for services rendered at closing.

4. What is the timeline for the process start to finish?

Once your agent submits your listing, a Zoom Casa representative will reach out to you within 24 business hours for a preliminary conversation, wherein you have an opportunity to discuss timelines, budget, and other information concerning your home. Once you decide on scope with the Designer, every effort will be made to provide you with a written Proposal within 3 business days after that. The timeline for work to be completed depends on scope of work. Staging is obviously quicker than putting on a new roof!

5. What input does the client have?

You approve the Proposal containing the scope of work and ultimately decide what is to be done.

6. What happens if the home doesn’t sell?

This program is designed for home sellers who are serious about selling their homes. If you take your home off the market or the listing agreement is canceled or expires, your payment will be
immediately due.

7. Is there a certain price point necessary to utilize VP ASSIST services?

No. These services can be offered to clients at all price points. You and your agent should consider together what scope of services might yield the greatest return on investment.

8. Are there any types of properties which don’t qualify for this program?

Yes, this platform is typically not available for use on (a) spec properties or developments, (b) properties that are currently in foreclosure, or (c) properties owned by sellers currently in bankruptcy

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