Smooth Moves for Sellers

In a sellers market, where there's less than 3 months of inventory available, homeowners have the advantage. The sellers market we've been seeing in Santa Barbara since July has been nothing short of epic! With newfound freedom from the typical work environments, we are seeing buyers rethink where they actually want to live. Not surprisingly, that has fed demand from numerous urban centers (frequently the Bay and LA areas). Months of inventory, or how long it would take to sell off all the inventory currently available has ranged from 1.0 months in Goleta, and even Montecito has dipped below 3 months (usually 7-9+ months).

That makes it a great time to sell. But a lot of our clients who are thinking about riding this wave have a totally understandable hesitation...

How do we make it a smooth move?


Request a Long Escrow

Typical escrow periods range from 30-45 days, however every facet of an offer is negotiable. In order to make an offer appealing, buyers who have flexibility to give plenty of time for the seller to identify their next home are in a stronger position.

Negotiate a Rent Back

A seller can ask to rent back for any length of time (or have the flexibility to do so, if needed). The rent is negotiable, from market value or even much less-- particularly in a heated multiple offer situation. Buyers who can be flexible and work with a seller's needs go to the front of the line.

Have a Contingency Plan

This option offers the most protection for a seller, as the sale of their home cannot go through until the next step has been identified (and either put into escrow, or successfully closed). Of the three, this can be the least appealing for buyers as there's no definite end date. It's hard to plan a move when you don't know if things will fall into place in days, weeks or months. As a result, the pool of buyers may be smaller if this option is chosen.

Be Okay to Rent (if needed)

This option can be appealing for a number of reasons. For someone who is moving to a place they are not familiar with, there's no better way to really get to know the area before a final decision is made on where to lay their roots. On the flip side, moving can be a pain, and having to do it twice isn't for everyone. 

Making a move can be tricky, even in a booming sellers market. As your trusted professionals, it's our job to make sure the process is as smooth and successful as possible. If you'd like to discuss your situation and goals, and how to take advantage of the current real estate landscape, we are only a call or text away.

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Amy and Kristin were the very best of any Realtors I have ever worked with. They were extremely helpful explaining all the steps one must do to sell a property in California. They worked with our Realtor in Arizona to make the purchase and move smooth and organized. I can’t say enough, these two gals are fantastic!


Barbara M.


I have never seen a Real Estate agent so willing to help prepare a property for sale. Kristin's marketing skills are matched only by her awesome communication (received helpful replies to messages, whether sent 7 am or 10 pm!). She helped on site with many little details that needed addressing throughout the process, and really came through to help meet various deadlines and bring the home to market on schedule. When offers came in, she negotiated the price well above asking.


Rex M.


I have worked with Kristin twice now, once for buying a house and then again for selling that same house. That should be enough said! Most recently, we listed the property 3 days before the "first" California shut-down and therefore were unable to host a single traditional open house. Kristin immediately started innovating and was the first realtor in town to advertise and host a virtual open house. Kristin remained calm and made it clear that COVID was not going to slow her down. Very innovative, motivated, and friendly realtor.


Jenna B.