Bidding War Hacks

In case you missed it, in Santa Barbara & Goleta homes are basically in higher demand than toilet paper last Spring... Quite the visual, right?
It's the simple truth we are seeing play out again and again with multiple offer situations for well-priced homes. What that means is, if you're thinking of buying right now, you better show up with your gloves on!

Here are 4 ways to come out on top:


Get Pre-Approved

Pre-qualification means you and/or your lender still have homework to do, and that the financing situation is not as certain as it could be. Full pre-approval with a trusted local lender can help make your offer stand out (potentially even against cash offers).

Offer Appealing Price & Terms

The bottom line is often the bottom line, but there are other ways to make an offer appealing to a seller. Being flexible on when you take possession, letting the seller rent back and other advantages can sway things in your favor (if you have the flexibility!).

Love Letters- Kiss them Goodbye?

"Love Letters" buyers may have previously written have come under intense scrutiny lately...  Subconscious bias, or choosing an offer in a way that could be construed as discriminatory could put a seller at risk of violating Fair Housing Laws. As a result, many sellers' agents are advising sellers not to take them into consideration. Accepting "love letters" or not remains the seller's choice, but they may no longer be an option in many cases.

Skip the Bidding War Altogether!

Let us find something off-market for you. We've helped our clients find their ideal homes even in low-inventory markets.
With these items in mind, and a great agent to act proactively on your behalf, the challenge is not insurmountable...
... remember, #WEGOTTHIS!

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Kristin and Amy are a fantastic team, not to mention both professional, warm, and knowledgeable. We purchased a home with them in the summer of 2020 in a very difficult market. They were attentive, communicative, and able to redirect with ease as our search and the market conditions evolved. We appreciated their can-do attitude and creativity in helping us view homes (even remotely!) and on many, many occasions we felt they went well above and beyond the call of duty for us.



Kristin & Amy are smart, dedicated, resourceful, tireless, and kind. They helped our family find the perfect home in a crazy market. I would give them the highest recommendation!